How To BBQ Pork Ribs
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My family and I love Country-style Pork Ribs. These are serious-sized ribs. My father-in-law use to call them Dinosaur bones, and rightfully so when he barbecued them.
This package of pork ribs weighed five pound and there were five of them. So each rib weighs a pound. These ain't etsy bitsy baby back ribs, folks! Ok, they are theoretically not even ribs at all, but...who cares!
Your goal, anytime you are BBQing, or cooking, should be to add taste and keep whatever you are cooking moist and tender. This may be a "Duh!" but the "moist & tender" part can be tough to achieve if not done right.
Let's get to the recipe, now. Wash the ribs and pat dry. Rub with a generous amount of EVOO.
If you don't know what that term means you may want to consult "Rachael's Unabridged Dictionary Of Cooking Terminology". Hey, you'll also learn what "Delish, Stoup & Yummo" means.
Just kidding, she's a Doll and prepares excellent food and you can learn a lot from her! Maybe the fastest cook in the world!
Rub the ribs with EVOO and placed in a plastic marinating container or large plastic bag. Next, pour a generous amount of a quality Rub on these puppies. I prefer to make my own and here is a good one from Cheryl Jamison (author of Smoke & Spice...see her two books below) who has given me permission to pass it on : "Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub Recipe".
Once you have her Rub made, distribute generously on the pork ribs and rub in real good. Now, this works like a champ for a marinade, just plain old yellow mustard. ( Has all the ingredients you'll need for one of the best marinades you'll run across)
Don't go berserk! But, pour on a fair amount of mustard and distribute with a cooking brush.
Best results dictate marinating the pork ribs over night. Before you put them on the grill or in the oven, let them sit out for 30 minutes while you get the cooking temperature up to medium or 325 degrees.
My Traeger Grill cooks on indirect heat and theoretically I can put them directly on the grill, but the mess with the mustard could be catastrophic. I highly suggest that you some type of pan when cooking.
On a gas grill, use indirect heat by lighting one side of the grill and putting the ribs on the other. On a charcoal grill, a two-zone fire should do the trick. Put a water pan in the middle of the grill to keep things moist. See this gas grill tip: ( How To BBQ Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill).
In an oven, I suggest using a Dutch Oven, or Clay Pot. Add a little water to the Dutch Oven so that you maintain moisture and don't burn up the meat.
Cooking time should be around two hours. Check for internal temperature, ideally around 170 degrees. I added another 20 minutes to this by smoking them on the Traeger at 90 degrees. You can do the same thing on a gas grill by using a "Smoker Box"!
Once you take the pork ribs off the BBQ, wrap in foil for 15 minutes before serving. I would even do the same with a Dutch Oven.
I hope you enjoyed this post on this very simple recipe. Sometimes things can just get too complicated and why not just do simple?

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