Weber Baby Q | Portable Pleasure
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Portable should mean portable and the Weber Baby Q is just that. Take it camping. Take it to a picnic.
Now, the unit weighs in at 29 pounds which is not exactly light and doesn't sound portable, but it is, and the good news is: it won't blow over in a wind storm. The Weber Baby Q is designed to sit on a table top.
In other words, it doesn't come with a stand, although you can get one for it. It seems that everything is made in every country but the USA. Well this is made in the USA.
The Weber is cast aluminum and has 189 square inches of cooking area�..this translates to grilling four steaks at a time. For those who care it is 14 1/8 high, 27 � inches wide and 16 inches deep.
If there is a downside it is the size of the propane canisters it is designed to use. That would be small�.the camper stove size. For convenience sake, you can buy a tank adapter hose to accommodate a larger tank.
With the Weber Baby Q you are going to get those great grill marks too, not to mention great tasting food�so have at it!

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