Willamette General Store Barbecue Brisket Sandwich
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Yesterday was a good day because my puppy and I indulged in a barbecued brisket sandwich at the Willamette General Store in Willamette, Oregon. He even shared some of it with me.
Actually, the store is more of an old fashion hardware store than anything else, but they are a major Traeger BBQ grill distributor.
It is the type of hardware store where you can go with part a and part b and they will give you advice on how to put part a and b together.....my type of hardware store. Not like the big home improvement centers we have now where you encounter Twiddle Dee and Dum when you need some help.
Being a Traeger dealer, they are usually barbecuing something up on their own barbies in front of the store. You can go in there and order a nice barbecued sandwich to go, or you can eat it there. It was cold and rainy out, so I didn't bother sitting out outside the store and eating my (sorry, my puppy's) sandwich.
I ordered a barbecued brisket sandwich for $4.95. It doesn't come with any sides, but it does come with a least 8 ounces of brisket.
The brisket was excellent.....lean and well barbecued. They put on a sauce, which I forgot to tell them to leave off, but I have to admit it was a super nice sauce. And, they didn't put so much on I couldn't taste the brisket.
Personally, when I serve my own BBQ brisket, I slice it. What they served was more of a pulled barbecue brisket, but just the same excellent. Whether you are a native Oregonian, or a tourist, the town of Willamette is right next to I205....take exit 10. It's a cool quaint little town, and has a super barbecue joint to boot. Make sure you check out all the eighteen hundreds era homes on the side streets.

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