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If you have never barbecued a turkey on a Traeger Grill before you are in for a treat.
I started with a 14 pound bird and placed it in a plastic bag after cleaning out the cavity and rinsing with cold water. You can start with any size turkey you want.
Apply some extra virgin olive oil over the entire turkey, and then add a generous coat of Chef Paul Prudhommes' Poultry Magic on the outside skin and also the cavity. Also, if you want you can lift the skin on the topside of the turkey and apply more of the Rub and butter between the body and skin...for an additional taste!
This is not easy, so be careful. You don't want to completely remove the skin or you turkey won't come out right.
Start the Traeger Grill on high and after 20 minutes or so turn the Traeger down to medium. I used cherry wood pellets that gave it a unique taste. Place the turkey right on the grill, no pan, breast side up, cooking at a rate of between 25 to 30 minutes per pound.
Thirty minutes, per pound equates to seven hours cooking time at a medium temperature. Now, you really don't need to baste, mop or mist the turkey. But, I prefer to mist the bird in the later stages of cooking with a concoction of apple juice and apple cidar vinegar...lot's of juice, not so much vinegar. Use a laundry squirt bottle.
Ideally, you want an internal temperature of 170 degrees and a golden brown turkey. Check your bird after 2 to 3 hours on the grill and keep checking until you reach your temperature. Wrap in foil when it's cooked and let it sit out fifteen minutes before carving and serving.

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