Ways To Cook London Broil | Part Two
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When I first presented ways to cook London Broil, I used Lawry's Beef Marinade (See Below) to tenderize and flavor, and it turned out excellent.
The super markets often label London Broil as a cut of meat. When it reality it's a method of preparing it�.like you would prepare flank steak because it can be a little hard on the jaw to chew.
Actually, the labeled London Broil thing doesn't bother me. The first version I prepared on my blog was a roast. However, this time it was steaks.
And, these are big hummers, really big cuts of meat. Also, I just know from experience they were going to be tough, so I marinate them.
Instead of the Lawry Marinade that I used before, I substituted "McCormick's Grill Mates Mesquite Marinade". (See Below) You mix the contents of the package with � cup of water, and a � cup of Vegetable Oil. I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of the veggie oil. It helps immensely to breakdown the toughness. Kind of like the Lawry better though.
I have a Tupperware marinating pan (below) I use. You can use a plastic bag. Both work great!
Pour and then brush on the marinade and assure full coverage of the meat. Since any excess marinade sits at the bottom of the container, you will want to turnover, or rotate several times while you let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
When you get ready to grill, let the steak sit out at least thirty minutes prior. You will want to bring your grill up to a high setting, in the meanwhile, so you can sear the steaks.
The steaks I grilled were huge, so rather than grill them for five minutes per side, it was more like eight minutes per side to bring them up to medium rare or 130 degrees. Much longer, 160 for medium�175 for well.
Wrap your steaks in foil and let them sit for about fifteen before serving. Like flank steak you will want to slice real thin. Just more ways to fix, cook and enjoy London Broil recipes. Enjoy!

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