Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
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Many years ago I bought a Lodge Enamel-coated cast iron Dutch oven for my wife. It cost a fraction of what the so-called "cool" designer brands of the day sold for at the time. Hey, I wasn't sure (because of the low price) that it would hold up over the years. However, it soon became obvious that, not only would it hold up, it would probably exceed many of those so-called "designer brands" in quality and cooking results.
For over 100 years Lodge has been making cast iron cookware and, except for certain lines of Enamel-coated cast iron ware, the majority of their products are made in the USA. All their products, regardless where they are made, conform to super strenuous standards. You will still find that a lot of their cookware manufactured generations ago are still in kitchens today.
Lodge isn't a fancy "in" foreign sounding name, but its has super quality that the so-called designer brands just might learn a few things from.
We have used the Lodge Dutch oven constantly for years and it still looks and performs like brand new. The cooking results are phenomenal! One of our favorite things to cook in it is a pot roast, with carrots, potatoes, garlic, celery, mushroom soup, Lipton's Onion Soup.
You can put the Dutch Oven in the kitchen oven, or on the side burner (or cook on indirect heat with the lid closed) of your barbecue grill for a couple of hours or longer and you are set. In fact, it's super impressive to be cooking up things on the BBQ grill.
Another super dish in particular is Chef George Hirsch's "Cuban Stew". You are grilling sausage, peppers, onion, plum tomatoes and chicken on the grill and then combining them after grilled with rice, caramelized garlic, chicken stock, saffron, kidney beans, Tabasco, cumin in the Dutch Oven that's on the side burner. Talk about a conversation piece with family and friends!
Hey, here's a photo of our Dutch oven!

Lodge Cast Iron is family owned and operated. They produce the most extensive selection of quality cast iron goods around. This includes: Dutch ovens, cast iron skillets, deep fryers, country kettles and also cast iron camp Dutch ovens, griddles, combo cookers and grills.
You'll have to get up before breakfast to beat out the Lodge Cast Iron Product line for quality and cooking results. In fact once you finally start cooking breakfast with their cast iron cookware, other folks will have to "get up before breakfast to beat you out"!

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