Original Texan OT420 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill
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If you don't have a wood pellet grill on your deck or patio, what's keeping you? They are super fun, easy to operate, clean burning and the food that comes off of them is superb!
For me it takes the place of a wood fire pit, charcoal grill without all the hassles. And, you are not going to believe the results you are going to get even if you are a novice to the barbecue world.
So this is kind of a review on a cool wood pellet grill. Grab a nice beverage, relax & read on!
Shoppers Choice features the "Original Texan" that comes in two sizes: 420 square inches and 650. Even with the 420 incher you can BBQ a whole turkey and a ham at the same time. There is lots of room to BBQ and they are built to last.
The grills cook on indirect heat�there is a metal plate between the fire box and the grill. In other words, there is no flame licking at, burning, and ruining whatever you have on the grill. And, you don't need a rotisserie.
The fire box is fed by an auger that moves wood pellets from a large box on the side of the unit. The pellets are not the type you fed a pellet stove with. They are especially designed pellets formulated with real cherry, apple, hickory, maple, mesquite wood and so on. They burn clean, are economical and are readily available.
In making these pellets, there are no funny additives�.the wood itself contains its own adhesives. In short, no junk is added to the pellets.
The grills are designed for true barbecuing and smoking. You can grill with them, but they are not designed to sear steaks at 600 degrees. But, hey, your steaks will come out a whole lot better than you think on a grill like this...it just may take a little longer.
A wood pellet grill takes 15 minutes or so to get up to speed. They are not designed for "I want to grill it right now!" types.
If you want your food to taste delicious and you want to impress family, friend and yourself, this is an excellent choice in helping you do just that. (For all my Texas USMC buddies, I wish I could tell you this is " The Original Oregonian Grill", but I can't.)

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