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Way back when (I'm an old dude!) I paid about $750 for a Pro-Chef Gas Grill that doesn't have half the features the Weber Genesis E310 has. Corny.......... yes! But, in this time of recession, I hope you are getting all the value out of the things you decide to buy.
One of the reasons folks buy more gas grills than any other type of grill is the convenience, which means they don't want to be foolin' around with other mediums. Another reason is, the ability to cook, or sear at high temperatures. And, even more important, and in the end, getting extremely excellent taste results.
It's difficult to beat a quality gas grill for searing steaks, and a lot of other types of food that you might want to impress family and friends with. After you get home at night, you want it to be a breeze to fire up the gas grill.
Hey, this is competition time. With a Weber Genesis E310, you will beat out the local red-neck by a mile...... You'll smoke em'. While they are fumbling around with the charcoal, wood, asbestos, and "Buzzard's Breath Marinatin' Sauce", you'll be enjoying a cool beverage.....and, be extremely relaxed in your hammock or favorite chair.
The guess is, you'll be done eating before they get the "their coals ah goin".
Features of the Weber Genesis E310:
  • 42,000 BTUs; 637 inches total cooking area
  • Choice of 3 types of cooking grills
  • Cross-over ignition system that takes less than 3 seconds to fire up all 3 burners
  • Can reach 550 degrees even in cold weather, searing steaks is a snap
  • No flare ups with Weber's stainless steel Flavorizer Bars which vaporizes fats & juices into smoke and adds flavor to what you are grilling
  • Built in fuel gage
  • Built-in BBQ tool holders in an enclosed storage area
  • Let's go back to the choice of cooking grills. You have three choices of grills´┐Ż.. I would choose a cast iron grill. They are harder to keep clean, but not that much more difficult. All you have to do is periodically wipe them down with olive oil to keep them clean and to prevent rust, especially in a humid climate.
    Over time cast iron grills become seasoned with all the different spices that you use when grilling, adding more flavor to whatever you are cooking. They retain heat better than the other grills. It takes them a little longer to heat up, but in the long run they use less energy because of their heat retention rate. Hey! Can't make a decision? all three grills.
    Spring for a cover for your Weber Genesis E310! The grill will last you three times as long if you do. They are reasonably priced.
    This is going to sound like a sales pitch, but don't buy a cheap gas grill. They don't last long and they simple can't get up to the high temperatures that are necessary to grill steaks and other types of food properly.
    With a cheap grill, you won't be able to store your BBQ tools either, like you want, which is important. Article about how to turn your gas grill into a raging BBQ. You can read it: Here! And, here is yet another article.
    The Weber Genesis E310 is a medium priced grill. You can pay a thousand more for a gas grill that won't perform any better. Besides check out the very cool copper color one they have. They also have a stainless steel model, the Weber Grill S320.

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