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You can make pulled or shredded pork just like the pros. But, it takes patience and maybe four quality beers or glasses of wine, at the minimum, and even, yes, a tad bit of a nap somewhere along the line.
Cooking a pork roast to make pulled pork takes about eight hours. There is no getting around the time factor. 'Tis, not a 30 minute meal.
In a hurry? You are better off to go out and buy it at "Billy Bob Buzzard's Raunchy Q Pit" at about twelve bucks a pound�..but, that's when it's on sale. And, it ain't goin' be even close to your stuff if you do it right!
I have made pulled pork many times, but have written about it only a couple of times. I make it from a pork shoulder roast, (other names: pork butt, Boston Butt) and usually barbecue on my Traeger Grill. It always has turned out great because of the mechanics of the Traeger.
Whether you have a barbecue grill, or not, you can still make super pulled pork. Hey, if you are still reading this post, you are my kind of people and you will be making superb pulled pork in no time!
A butcher can be your best friend in your purchase of a good pork butt. Consult them and tell them what you are going to do with it. They can help you select a good one. A four or five pound one is cool!
A Fact: Excellent pulled pork doesn't last much past one day ( A lot cooler than Billy Bob's). Since yours is going to be awesome, and with the cooking time involved, think about doing two or more of these suckers at the same time. You can always freeze the leftovers.
First, we have to prepare the pork shoulder. Wash and pat dry the roast. Make a "Rub" like the following: (Thank you Cheryl Jamison, from her superb book "Smoke and Spice", for allowing me to pass this on).
Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub Recipe
� 3/4 cup paprika
� 1/4 cup ground black pepper
� 1/4 cup salt
� 1/4 cup sugar
� 2 tablespoons chili powder� 2 tablespoons garlic powder� 2 tablespoons onion powder
� 2 teaspoons cayenne
Get off your duff and make this Rub. You can make it for a fraction of the cost that Billy Bob Buzzard is going to charge you for his off-the-wall-smell-real-bad jar of stuff.
Now it's time to sprinkle on a generous portion of that Wild Willy mixture all over those gorgeous pork shoulders and rub it in. Next, we want to apply yellow mustard all over the pork butt. Yes, dumb old yellow mustard! It has all the ingredients for a super marinade. Believe!
Sprinkle more Willy on, but don't rub it in this time, "VERSTEHEN"? Place in a marinating container or bag. I prefer a Tupperware Marinating Container (below...Amazon has a good price on them, dude). Put in the fridge overnight.
The next day is going to start out to be super-duper exciting type of day. (Go back to the first paragraph of this post�you are going to have a blast and a very "cool day, dude"!)
Let the pork sit out for at least 45 minutes while you get the BBQ grill, or the oven up to 325 degrees. Place the roast in a shallow dish, on top of a cookie sheet for the oven. Forget the cookie sheet for the grills. Only wimps and sissies use "cookie sheets" on BBQ grills, unless you're baking some homemade cookies!
On a gas grill, you are going to cook the roast on indirect heat�.meaning turn on one burner and place the roast on the off burner side. If you don't, you will have a crispy critter that is cooked on the outside, but not on the inside. On a charcoal grill, use a two-zone fire on low heat. Shut the lid on both types of grills, and keep them shut except to "mist". Am I gettin' thru? Is the brain starting to rally?
The Misting Thing: Get yourself a squirt bottle, like you would use when doing the ironing for your wife or partner. Pour in a half cup of apple cider vinegar, and a half cup of orange or apple juice. You're in business, Dude!
Here's the schedule: (You better print it out while still awake!)
  • Cook one hour at 325 degrees and lightly mist the top of the pork roast (1 brew)
  • Cook two more hours at 325 degrees and mist the roast again (2 brews)
  • Reduce the heat to 300 degrees, cook for three more hours and mist again (3 brews)
  • Reduce the heat to 250 degrees and cook for 1 to 2 more hours (1 to 2 brews)
  • For the grills, misting is a matter of opening the cover, lightly misting and closing the cover back up. For the oven, partially pull the pan and tray out...and mist the pork, not the oven, dude.
    Misting, marinade and the Rub form a cool crust on the pork shoulder. It will be crusty on the outside and tender and moist in the inside. After you take the pork off, wrap it in foil and let it sit for 15 minutes before serving.
    The pulled pork thing comes from sticking a fork through the crust and literally twisting the fork and pulling the pork out of the shell. Some folks separate the crust, fat and pork. How hard can this be?
    Whether you make this in the oven or on the grill, it's going to turn out delicious like. Well, it is isn't it? If you do it this way you'll have folks lined up for miles waiting to get at your pulled pork.
    To keep it from drying out the day after, seal in air tight packets. Try to maintain the moisture best you can.
    If your pulled pork tastes bad.....which if you followed directions shouldn't, you can always pour "Billy Bob Buzzard's Groaty BBQ Sauce" all over your beautiful finished masterpiece? But it will be kinda like pouring ketchup on Kobe beef.

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